My name is Jeremy, and I have an adorable son that I spend most of my time talking about. Besides my family, I love pipes and cigars, whiskey, music, and books. I’m also really into Brazilian jiu-jitsu and barbell training, but I don’t look like it. Finally, I have a deep appreciation of movies, from French New Wave to 80’s slashers, thanks to a childhood of bingeing before Netflix or the Internet. I have the same basic relationship to music, thanks to growing up with two musicians and 24/7 exposure that switched from Brahms, Schubert, and Tchaikovsky to MXPX, Beastie Boys, and Living Sacrifice a few years before puberty.

I have been a developer, systems administrator, web director, creative director, studio owner, and now I’m a developer again. I wrote a book about web development that received mostly positive reader reviews with the exception of a two-star review, titled “Nuts”, that ends with the sentence "God I cannot catch a break on this mess." I was also the Easter Bunny at the mall for three years in high school, and it was a surprisingly good gig for the time.

Here’s the thing, I am not famous in any way, and I mainly have this about page because I acknowledge that you probably have no idea of who I am. I have done a bunch of stuff, good and bad, and I want to share my journey with others while trying to get better all the time.