Article #1

“Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough.”

— Alain de Bolton, British philosopher

This first article, coming back after a couple years and a full redesign, feels so momentous. This relaunch started over five years ago on a version of my site that was (at the time) five years old, and I was changing it from the site of a young creative director who just wanted a blog to the site of a mid-thirties studio owner who really needed to talk about business and leadership and possibly even attract new clients or speaking opportunities. Recently, of course, that redesign has been picked up by a forty year old who has gone back, kicking and screaming, to full-time development, and he doesn’t really have any great interest in attracting clients, speaking, or sounding like an expert. He just wants to talk about his struggles and victories, and share his heart with anyone who needs it because he really, really likes writing and teaching. Oh yeah, and he's writing more fiction.

So, now, a personal site started by a developer in his mid-twenties became a professional blog by a young creative director (still in his twenties), and then became a marketing tool for a small studio owner, and is now being replaced by a personal site with a very simple premise: I have done a bunch of stuff, good and bad, and, as I go forward, I want to share my journey with others while trying to get better all the time. That’s really it. Also, the site is finally responsive and not built on a CMS that I stopped personally trying to use over a decade ago.

With all that behind me, welcome to the new site. If you want to know how I explain myself these days, I have an about me page, and if you want to get updated, you can use RSS or the newsletter subscription below (I promise, I only send out updates when I actually write something my wife says is worth reading).