• Chad (AI Generated)

    No Necromancers, Please

    This is a story about online dating, necromancy, and other things that sound fun until you have to attempt them.

    Tags: fiction, humor, fantasy, short-story

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  • Skull pipe

    Why I Write Horror (and Children’s Stories)

    I seem like a generally well-adjusted, kind person, so I normally get asked pretty quickly why I write horror. I have reasons (and it’s not just a fertile imagination).

    Tags: writing, fiction, horror

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  • Shep in Skeleton Pajamas

    The Flashlight Game

    This is a short horror story from last year that has only been shared via Slack and text message until now. In that time, it’s sparked a lot of good conversations and become my favorite story, though, so I had to share it. It still gives me goosebumps, by the way.

    Tags: fiction, horror, short-story

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    The Grand Guignol

    I tried to write a horror story with nothing supernatural, and I wanted to research a period piece, so I wrote about 1920s Paris and the Grand Guignol. Don’t know what that was? Read the story.

    Tags: fiction, short-story, horror

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  • Red Keyboard

    Death at Hell House

    A short story for Halloween with a little bit of hell house nostalgia and a lot of Southern Gothic and Tales From the Crypt influences.

    Tags: fiction, short-story, horror

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  • Shep Sleeping

    Little Tommy’s Slumber Party

    Another Tommy and his pet dragon story that was motivated by my wonderful son’s struggle with bedtime.

    Tags: short-story, fiction, tommy

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  • IMG 2797

    Dreamer - A Short Story

    I wrote a short story about a struggling novelist and nightmares.

    Tags: fiction, short-story, horror

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  • Me at 18

    Punk Rock Preacher - Sample Scenes

    I’m working on a new novel set in the 90s Christian punk/hardcore scene (which I was heavily involved in), and I put together a few example scenes just for myself to help establish the language and feeling I want to use.

    Tags: fiction, samples, music

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  • Shep and Me

    Little Tommy and the Big Parade

    This is a short story for my three-year-old son, but it's pretty fun for adults. Maybe I'll give up on horror and write about little boys and dragons.

    Tags: fiction, tommy, short-story

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  • Oom Paul Pipe

    Reese’s Pieces

    One day, not that long ago, my friend John jumped onto Slack to announce “I found Reese’s Pieces.” I joked that it sounded like a tragedy until I saw the title case, but “I found Reese’s pieces” would be a great opening line. He said it sounded noir, and so I wrote a short story.

    Tags: short-story, fiction

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