• BJJ Tournament

    The Importance of Staying Uncomfortable

    I wrestled in high school and a little in college. I was never that good, but I did learn (perhaps, because I was never that good) to embrace discomfort.

    Tags: creating, running, wrestling, bjj

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  • Color run cropped

    Another Lesson Learned While Running in Public

    I have a favorite running path that I go to for all my long runs that you can run for three to fifteen miles. The magic result of this “extend-your-own-course” path is you never know where anybody is at in their run.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, running

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  • 15k finish line

    What I Learned About Hustle While Training For a 15k

    I’d like to think I learned a lot about hustling from The Roots and Jon Acuff (in different ways), but I hadn't really internalized the hustle until I signed up for my first 15k.

    Tags: old stuff, running, creating

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