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    Why I’m Trying to Write Fiction

    So, I’m trying to write fiction again after… many years, and it feels scary, new, and interesting all at once.

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    How to Not Make Bad Propaganda

    I have two wildly different writing processes that I switch between for different goals, audiences, etc. Obviously, I opt to justify, and I’ll give each process a descriptive, if hyperbolic, name: the “market-y, sell, sell” process and the “painfully honest” process.

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  • Writing process screenshot

    My Writing Process

    I documented my writing and creative process for “cross-training” at work.

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    How to Write Like an Adult

    How do you write? Keep the cursor moving to the right. That’s it. Writing isn’t thinking about writing. Writing isn’t brainstorming or outlining what you could be writing. Writing is simply moving the cursor to right over and over again.

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