• Shep with headphones

    The One About Headphones

    I’m taking a break from my novel to talk about something I care deeply about: headphones and adding a soundtrack to writing.

    Tags: music, writing

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  • Outdoor Writing Setup

    My iPad Pro is My Favorite Writing Tool

    I have been thinking a lot about how I use my iPad for writing because I don’t have my iPad right now. I had to send it in for repairs after incident with my son and some hot chocolate, and now I'm enumerating the ways it has been great for my writing.

    Tags: writing, tools

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  • Rough Draft

    The Push

    This weekend, I finished the rough draft of my first novel, and it wrapped up (one of many) big pushes I have experienced trying to get any big project across the finish line. This time, I made notes for my future self.

    Tags: writing, process, novels

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  • Cousin Time

    Holiday Writing

    I wrote every day over the holidays, and ended up finding the joy of “margin” to be less stressed going forward.

    Tags: writing

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  • Cappuccino SF

    My Winter 2020 Writing Schedule

    For those interested, this post is a “behind-the-scenes” look at one of things I'm doing to crank out about 6k-7k words/week toward my novel (and none of this counts).

    Tags: writing, process

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  • Qwerkywriter S

    New Book Sneak Peek

    Okay, so this is different, but I thought it would be fun to put out a sneak peek of one of the chapters I was just working on for my book.

    Tags: book, writing, horror, Bible

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  • Jeremy and a Pipe

    NaNoWriMo and How I Quit Before it Began

    This year, I signed up for — and then quit — NaNoWriMo in all of twenty-four hours.

    Tags: writing, creating

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  • Keychron K1

    A Short Dissertation on Mechanical Keyboards

    Seeing as I've been busy working on my first novel, I thought I'd take a break from trying to be creative or inspirational to sing the praises of my favorite keyboards.

    Tags: keyboards, review, gear, writing

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  • Outdoor Writing Setup

    Why I’m Trying to Write Fiction

    So, I’m trying to write fiction again after… many years, and it feels scary, new, and interesting all at once.

    Tags: writing

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  • Hoodie

    How to Not Make Bad Propaganda

    I have two wildly different writing processes that I switch between for different goals, audiences, etc. Obviously, I opt to justify, and I’ll give each process a descriptive, if hyperbolic, name: the “market-y, sell, sell” process and the “painfully honest” process.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, writing

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  • Writing process screenshot

    My Writing Process

    I documented my writing and creative process for “cross-training” at work.

    Tags: old stuff, writing, process, video

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  • Me at 21 black white

    How to Write Like an Adult

    How do you write? Keep the cursor moving to the right. That’s it. Writing isn’t thinking about writing. Writing isn’t brainstorming or outlining what you could be writing. Writing is simply moving the cursor to right over and over again.

    Tags: old stuff, writing

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