• Shepard at the door

    Another Season, Another Schedule

    I love my schedule. It gives me guardrails, and I need it. I also need to be flexible enough to throw the whole thing out and make a new one every few years (or months).

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  • Jeremy and a Pipe

    NaNoWriMo and How I Quit Before it Began

    This year, I signed up for — and then quit — NaNoWriMo in all of twenty-four hours.

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  • Good Sh*t

    Arbitrary Deadlines and Turning 40

    For so much of my life, I’ve been obsessed with early success and setting up random deadlines for myself. What if some careers or lives require the kind of experience and learning that we can only get from time and failure?

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  • BJJ Tournament

    The Importance of Staying Uncomfortable

    I wrestled in high school and a little in college. I was never that good, but I did learn (perhaps, because I was never that good) to embrace discomfort.

    Tags: creating, running, wrestling, bjj

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  • Michael caine jaws

    Michael Caine was in the Worst Jaws

    “I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” Michael Caine, in an interview talking about Jaws: the Revenge

    Tags: old stuff, creating

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  • Color run cropped

    Another Lesson Learned While Running in Public

    I have a favorite running path that I go to for all my long runs that you can run for three to fifteen miles. The magic result of this “extend-your-own-course” path is you never know where anybody is at in their run.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, running

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  • 15k finish line

    What I Learned About Hustle While Training For a 15k

    I’d like to think I learned a lot about hustling from The Roots and Jon Acuff (in different ways), but I hadn't really internalized the hustle until I signed up for my first 15k.

    Tags: old stuff, running, creating

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  • Trello


    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about “my system” since my wife Instagrammed a shot of my Trello board a few weeks ago. How do I actually use Trello? Basically, I’ve built a huge funnel out of my board that goes from big, year-sized projects down to small, day-sized bites.

    Tags: old stuff, process, creating

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  • Fear and failure

    Fear & Failure in Dallas

    A writer I follow, Yuvi Zalkow, is promoting his book this week, and he issued a challenge of sorts for other writers and creators to share their stories of fear and failure as he girds himself for the reviews and sales figures.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, process

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  • Larry greenawalt date

    San Francisco, Father’s Day, and slow clapping

    SCS, as you may or may not know, stands for “Slow Clap Syndrome”, and it is surprisingly rarely diagnosed in the medical community. SCS is very simple, though. Whenever I get a compliment or encouragement, I automatically imagine a slow clap accompanying it in the background.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, personal

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  • Keynote slide

    One-hundred slides in ten minutes

    “Don’t be offended if people get up and walk out early… I mean, I’m sure that many people will stay. It’s just… people are very busy.”

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  • Glasses notebook

    One serene moment of freedom

    Confession: I waste a ridiculous amount of time worrying about things I can’t fix and feeling defensive about facts I don’t control.

    Tags: old stuff, creating

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