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  • Wurlitzer

    Music for Writing

    I’m taking a break from writing to talk about writing… specifically, how music makes everything better.

    Tags: process, writing, music

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  • Red Keyboard

    Death at Hell House

    A short story for Halloween with a little bit of hell house nostalgia and a lot of Southern Gothic and Tales From the Crypt influences.

    Tags: fiction, short-story, horror

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  • Shep Sleeping

    Little Tommy’s Slumber Party

    Another Tommy and his pet dragon story that was motivated by my wonderful son’s struggle with bedtime.

    Tags: short-story, fiction, tommy

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  • IMG 2797

    Dreamer - A Short Story

    I wrote a short story about a struggling novelist and nightmares.

    Tags: fiction, short-story, horror

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  • Shep with headphones

    The One About Headphones

    I’m taking a break from my novel to talk about something I care deeply about: headphones and adding a soundtrack to writing.

    Tags: music, writing

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  • Red Pen

    Two Sentences

    This morning I finally started the official rewrite of my first novel, and it went about as well as you would expect.

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  • Me at 18

    Punk Rock Preacher - Sample Scenes

    I’m working on a new novel set in the 90s Christian punk/hardcore scene (which I was heavily involved in), and I put together a few example scenes just for myself to help establish the language and feeling I want to use.

    Tags: fiction, samples, music

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  • Shep and Me

    Little Tommy and the Big Parade

    This is a short story for my three-year-old son, but it's pretty fun for adults. Maybe I'll give up on horror and write about little boys and dragons.

    Tags: fiction, tommy, short-story

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  • Outdoor Writing Setup

    My iPad Pro is My Favorite Writing Tool

    I have been thinking a lot about how I use my iPad for writing because I don’t have my iPad right now. I had to send it in for repairs after incident with my son and some hot chocolate, and now I'm enumerating the ways it has been great for my writing.

    Tags: writing, tools

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  • Rough Draft

    The Push

    This weekend, I finished the rough draft of my first novel, and it wrapped up (one of many) big pushes I have experienced trying to get any big project across the finish line. This time, I made notes for my future self.

    Tags: writing, process, novels

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