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  • Trello


    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about “my system” since my wife Instagrammed a shot of my Trello board a few weeks ago. How do I actually use Trello? Basically, I’ve built a huge funnel out of my board that goes from big, year-sized projects down to small, day-sized bites.

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  • Fear and failure

    Fear & Failure in Dallas

    A writer I follow, Yuvi Zalkow, is promoting his book this week, and he issued a challenge of sorts for other writers and creators to share their stories of fear and failure as he girds himself for the reviews and sales figures.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, process

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  • Quebec bw

    TYPO3, Quebec, and July 4th

    A couple weeks ago, I got to attend the TYPO3 conference in Quebec, and I’ve been so engrossed in PHP and design comps since I got back that I’m just now thinking about some of the highlights.

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  • Invitation graphic 2

    Start small.

    We have no big names, no outside funding, no award-winning website, and I’m the only employee. Our rallying cry: start small.

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  • Craftandstory square

    Not a Manifesto

    While working on building a new business, Craft+Story, I decided to pen some core values to kick things off and find the right people.

    Tags: old stuff, business, craft+story

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  • Steve jobs


    The growth of Apple was a shared experience for all of us. My parents were inspired to write, draw, and create music on devices that didn’t quite seem like computers to them. I was inspired to write, draw, and create music by watching them.

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  • Hoodie

    How to Not Make Bad Propaganda

    I have two wildly different writing processes that I switch between for different goals, audiences, etc. Obviously, I opt to justify, and I’ll give each process a descriptive, if hyperbolic, name: the “market-y, sell, sell” process and the “painfully honest” process.

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  • Writing process screenshot

    My Writing Process

    I documented my writing and creative process for “cross-training” at work.

    Tags: old stuff, writing, process, video

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  • Larry greenawalt date

    San Francisco, Father’s Day, and slow clapping

    SCS, as you may or may not know, stands for “Slow Clap Syndrome”, and it is surprisingly rarely diagnosed in the medical community. SCS is very simple, though. Whenever I get a compliment or encouragement, I automatically imagine a slow clap accompanying it in the background.

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  • Keynote slide

    One-hundred slides in ten minutes

    “Don’t be offended if people get up and walk out early… I mean, I’m sure that many people will stay. It’s just… people are very busy.”

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