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  • Writing process screenshot

    My Writing Process

    I documented my writing and creative process for “cross-training” at work.

    Tags: old stuff, writing, process, video

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  • Larry greenawalt date

    San Francisco, Father’s Day, and slow clapping

    SCS, as you may or may not know, stands for “Slow Clap Syndrome”, and it is surprisingly rarely diagnosed in the medical community. SCS is very simple, though. Whenever I get a compliment or encouragement, I automatically imagine a slow clap accompanying it in the background.

    Tags: old stuff, creating, personal

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  • Keynote slide

    One-hundred slides in ten minutes

    “Don’t be offended if people get up and walk out early… I mean, I’m sure that many people will stay. It’s just… people are very busy.”

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  • Glasses notebook

    One serene moment of freedom

    Confession: I waste a ridiculous amount of time worrying about things I can’t fix and feeling defensive about facts I don’t control.

    Tags: old stuff, creating

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  • Important lists notebook

    How to Take Stock

    The following is a full account of what I did, as a creative and a leader, to take stock of all of my projects, create of stories, and setup projects for my team. This may not work for everyone. As a framework, though, I think it might be useful to leaders and creatives alike.

    Tags: old stuff, process

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